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Some insight into the IP rating and waterproof capacity of iPad 10

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The entry-level iPad was launched in October 2022. The new iPad by Apple is equipped with a completely new and fresh framework. It also has an improved A14 Bionic processor.

The new design features flat edges and rounded display corners. But the round edges and the new design don’t support the Apple Pencil 2. Though, the lightning port has been dropped for iPad 10. But it only supports Apple Pencil 1. Additionally, the Apple Pencil 1 is only supported via a dongle.

Furthermore, considering the redesign of iPad 10. It is available in four different colors that are pink, blue, yellow, and silver.

Besides this basic information and updated features, you might be considering whether you should buy an iPad 10 or not. What about its waterproof capability and other such considerations?

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There is a misconception among consumers is about the waterproof capability of any device. Talking about it specifically you need to be clear that any particular device is water-resistant, not waterproof. Similarly, iPad 10 is not waterproof but water-resistant.  

Generally, users can find out about the water resistance of any device by looking at its IP rating. An IP rating reflects the endurance of the device against dust and water. Apple is known to include the IP rating on its devices, like some latest iPhone models.

Water resistance of any device is a capability that degrades with time just like many other similar things in daily life. Although, a device may be water-resistant when it’s fresh and new. But this capability degenerates over time. Therefore, it is advisable to always take care of your devices as if they aren’t water-resistant. Don’t rely on a water-resistant plan until or unless you accidentally get into such a situation. Consider the water-resistant ability as a plan B.

As of now, we have discussed the waterproof capacity of iPad 10. Now let us explore some insight into the IP rating of the latest device.

Not a single model of Apple’s iPad has received any IP rating as of 2022. Although, this doesn’t imply that the device offers no protection. But exposure to water and other liquids can likely damage the device. Use a damp cloth for cleaning the screen of your iPad. If your device encounters any accidental exposure to water, shut it down and leave it for some time.

Just be careful with your devices, regardless of the IP rating.

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