Apple iPhone 16 Series Display and Refresh Rate Are Not Upgraded: Leak

According to a report unveiled recently, the upcoming iPhone 16 series is expected to disappoint some Apple enthusiasts, particularly regarding the display specifications of the standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models. These models are rumored to retain the same 60Hz displays as their predecessors in the iPhone 15 series.

This decision by Apple seems to lag behind the current industry standard, especially when compared to Android flagships, which have largely adopted 120Hz displays. The shift towards higher refresh rates in smartphones began around 2017, with devices like the Razr phone leading the change. However, Apple’s non-Pro iPhone models, including the ultra-premium iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, have continued to feature the older 60Hz refresh rate. It appears that this trend will persist with the iPhone 16 series.

A leak, as reported by Revegnus and supported by display analyst Ross Young, suggests that Apple will not introduce high refresh rate screens to its base iPhone models until 2025. This means that consumers looking for a more affordable iPhone with a higher refresh rate might have to wait until the iPhone 17 series.

The leak also provides details on the display sizes for the iPhone 16 series. The base iPhone 16 is expected to have a 6.12-inch screen, while the Plus variant is rumored to feature a 6.69-inch display. In contrast, the iPhone 16 Pro models are anticipated to have slightly larger 120Hz screens, measuring 6.27 inches for the iPhone 16 Pro and 6.69 inches for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. All models in the series are expected to include a Dynamic Island feature.


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