Rumors suggest that the iPhone 16 will arrive with an improved thermal design

The current iPhone 15 series from Apple presented several issues immediately after its launch. One of the most concerning problems was the overheating issue. According to some recent pieces of information, the company is going to improve things for the next year’s flagship series. Reportedly, the company will add a new thermal system to the iPhone 16. The tipster, Kosutami, claims that the new thermal system will reduce overheating of the device.

The tipster took to Twitter to share the new information. According to him, for the iPhone 16 series, the company is working on a graphene thermal system. However, the company could introduce metal battery casings to the iPhone 16 Pro models to resolve the overheating issue. The action seems to be a reaction to the widespread overheating problems that the iPhone 15 Pro was having, which Apple fixed with a software update earlier this year.

How will Apple resolve this issue?

In contrast to copper, graphene has a high thermal conductivity. The heat sinks in current iPhones are made of copper. For quite some time now, the company has been considering graphene as an option for thermal management on iPhones. In addition to this, the company has filed several patents relevant to the R&D of graphene for its use as a heat-dissipation material in portable devices. In the past, the company replaced the Apple Watch’s battery with black foil casings made of metal. The new battery casings can be found in the Apple Watch Series 7. We can expect a similar change for the iPhones in the future.

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