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Apple iPhone X Loses Its Worth In Controversies

Nobody can deny the fact that Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world. Also, iPhone X has been the most talked about phone before and after its release. Before the release people were excited what Apple will offer on its 10th anniversary. After the release people are excited to hear any new controversy related to the latest release by Apple, iPhone X.

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Well, it all started when the facial recognition feature introduced by Apple, failed on its launch event. From then onwards iPhone X has been a victim of one controversy to another. US government then demanded Apple to clarify its position on face id mishap. This further dented the reputation of Apple. People had a lot to talk to about how expensive the phone is. The point people are making is that the phone has nothing new to offer to the people but the price is outrageously high. The quality Apple was boasting about that the phone has glass on the front and back, well people have just made a joke about it that now their iPhone can break from both sides.

Apple has been hit by another blow, as just a few people visited Apple stores in Asia on iPhone X launch. Poor reviews of iPhone X was the main cause for such a low turnout.

The phone is getting famous for its controversies that is not what Apple was anticipating, so let’s see how Apple will face the music.


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