Apple is working on smart battery cases for the latest iPhone

 On the off chance that you as of late acquired an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, you might need to hold off purchasing a case for your new cell phone. Apple may have a Smart Battery Case for its iPhone 11 lineup in progress. 9to5Mac found a photograph of the unannounced adornment by glancing through the code of iOS 13.2, which Apple launched yesterday.

In past years, a battery case was right around a need on the off chance that you claimed an iPhone. This year, nonetheless, Apple made a special effort to make the iPhone 11 lineup thicker with the goal that it could add higher limit batteries to every one of the gadgets. Truth be told, battery life is so great on the new iPhones, you may not need or need to purchase a battery case.

9to5 couldn’t discover how a lot of battery life the cases will add to each iPhone, nor when Apple will discharge them. Be that as it may, the site speculates Apple may declare the new case, alongside its since quite a while ago supposed tracking tags, not long from now. The organization accomplished something comparative this past March when it propelled the second-generation AirPods, 10.5-inch iPad Air and 2019 iPad scaled-down all around the same time.

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