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Apple joins hands with Google and Mozilla for introducing a huge update to Speedometer

Google Chrome is the default browser on the best Android smartphones. In addition to this, Chrome is also a well-known desktop web browser. The competitors of Chrome comprise Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, and other several open-source substitutes. Additionally, the web browser available on Apple products i.e., Safari is another rival. Each browser has its own limitations, drawbacks as well as advantages. However, the developers rely on metrics for instance browser benchmarks to identify the area where a respective offering outshines.

Among such tools, the Speedometer is the one benchmark tool. The speedometer was designed in 2014 by Apple’s WebKit team. However, the benchmark tool has only received one major update back in 2018. As of now, the folks at the WebKit team are collaborating with folks on Chrome and Firefox. This collaboration is aimed at developing the next big iteration of the benchmark service. This new benchmark service will be named Speedometer 3.

It is not pretty common to come across such collaborations between three competing companies. Given this fact, we can’t overlook their interest in industry-wide improvements. The WebKit team mentioned in a Tweet last week that such a partnership is aimed at making the benchmark itself better. Where the browser performance for Apple users will also be improved.

In addition to this, the Twitter accounts of the Mozilla Dev team and Google Chrome confirmed the latest proceedings and developments. It stated that the partnership will work under a joint governance model. Its goal will be to share the work between the three companies. Thus, leading to a better performance for everyone.

One thing to notice here is that this year in March Google Chrome surpassed Safari as the fastest browser on Speedometer. Although the project is under development and is unstable at the moment. Yet no word has been said by the GitHub repository for the upcoming version 3.0 of Speedometer. Where one stable version of Speedometer known as Speedometer 2.1 was introduced back in August 2022. We hope to have more information about the forthcoming release in the coming months.

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