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Apple Launched Its YouTube Channel Loaded with iPhone Tips and Tricks

Apple without any heat or noise launched its Apple Support YouTube Channel on Monday. The channel is provided with short video sessions relating iPhone usage tips and stuff.

Till yet there are ten videos focusing on little tips and tricks for the iPhone present on the newly introduced online channel by Apple.

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The account is an official offering by Apple. It is a featured channel linked to Apple’s official primary channel, which is mostly used for keynote videos and ads. It is also equipped with a YouTube verification check.

Few posted videos focus on the obvious features of the gadget known to any long time Apple user, like taking screenshots.



Other videos display less known features or let me put it this way the features that are not that common and less is known about them, like the procedure to access Apple’s GIF library via using the keyboard.



Apple has been busy making a lot of such helpful videos. Last month it released one video focusing majorly on iPhone X and changes related to its interface.
Last year Apple launched a Twitter account by the name of “Apple Support” providing customer services directly via the social networking website.

Apple has known to resist the usage of social media but now it seems it is eagerly making use of it by incorporating it for its various functions especially for customer support services.

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