Apple might benefit from a recovery in China’s smartphone shipments

According to recent data, smartphone sales in China have reportedly increased by double digits as the nation prepares for its 6.18 shopping festival. Due to the global unstable economic conditions and less demand and supply, the shipments of smartphones have been badly impacted particularly in China. On the other hand, some smartphone companies like Apple are witnessing positive results.

Notably, Apple was successful in growing its market share in China. As of now, some visible improvements in the overall smartphone business are being witnessed in China. As per some recent pieces of information from Bloomberg, in contrast to the condition of the market in January 2023, the market was down by 2.6% in May.

However, given that makers reportedly shipped 25.2 million smartphones in April, that represented a gain of 22.6% over the earlier data. These numbers are 4 million times more than the numbers recorded in the same period in the last year. The source of these statistics is the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, as stated by Bloomberg.

Chinese retailers and internet services are currently preparing for the yearly 6.18 festival in May.’s one-day sale that commemorated the site’s debut on June 18, 1998, has grown to almost a full month in length and now involves a number of resellers. Given the 6.18 festival of this year, the Cupertino-based tech company Apple also offered discounts on various products. The discount was valid for one night i.e., on May 31, 2023.

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