M3-powered Macs and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 are likely to be introduced this fall

Apple M3 pro

The Cupertino-based tech firm is expected to introduce various products by the second half of the following year. Possibly some products might be unveiled by early next year. Just recently, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg shared some latest information about Apple products. He mentioned in his newsletter that Apple will likely debut the second-gen Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 9, and the iPhone 15 series.

Gurman made little mentions of the second-generation Ultra or what might be in store for it. Although that would be a good thing given that the last time leakers were certain there would be an Apple Watch leak, the opposite actually happened.

Apple might introduce M3-powered Macs in 2023, or early 2024

Apple has already introduced the M2-powered Macs. Now the consumers are waiting for the M3-powered Macs. Mark Gurman indicated in his newsletter that the MacBooks and MacBook Pro powered by M3 can’t be out before the end of this year, or early next year. Furthermore, he clearly mentioned the 24-inch iMacs. According to him, the company is working on them. Initially, iMacs were introduced with M1 chips. It now appears like the iMac will skip the M2 chips and debut with M3-powered chips.

In addition to this, the newsletter also mentions that the company is working on a big model of iMac. It might be 30 inches or even bigger. Some analyst believes that it will be the much anticipated iMac Pro powered by Apple Silicon. In the past, the company has offered the iMacs in two different sizes i.e., a 21.5-inch and a 27-inch model. Both of them were powered by Intel chips. Later, the company debuted the iMac Pro powered by an Intel Xeon CPU.

Last but not least, Gurman reaffirmed that the iPad will receive some improvements in 2024. which includes the iPad Pro devices’ upcoming OLED panels. Additionally, an improved iPad Air will be available in 2024.

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