Apple might introduce motion detection feature to Siri

Apple is working on a motion detector feature for its voice assistant, Siri. In a recent patent filing by the company, we found out that Siri can now detect a user’s lips and will get an alert without voice commands.

Voice assistants are becoming a crucial part of our lives, as they’re taking over every part of our lives, including smartphones, cars, and all smart gadgets in our homes. These tools are being developed with the latest technology in AI. Apple’s Siri is one of the most well-known voice assistants available on the company’s gadgets. Traditionally, the app is triggered by the famous “Hey Siri” commands. This pattern, though, may soon change.

According to Apple Insider, Apple has filed a Siri patent titled “Keyword Detection Using Motion Sensing.” The patent describes a lip and head detection feature that might be used to activate the app and improve its accuracy.

You might soon be able to trigger Siri with your lips and head movements

It was further explained in the patent application that Siri will get a motion sensor that will record and track the movement of your lips as you speak. If Siri determines that the movements correspond to a certain command, it will carry out the command.

Apple has stated that voice control technologies can occasionally provide erroneous responses due to background noise or picking up ambient noise or speech from an unintentional user. Siri’s motion sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, will track facial, head, and neck motions to prevent this.

Introducing a new means to activate Siri does not imply that Apple intends to remove the microphone from its devices, as it did with the iPhone’s headphone port. A motion detection feature, on the other hand, would allow users to turn off the microphone, which is now employed to listen to “Siri” or “Hey, Siri” commands. The tech giant stated that switching off the microphone would save power and processing capacity.

It is yet unknown which Apple device Is going to get that feature with a motion detector sensor. Although iPhones, Air Pods, and Apple Vision Pro are the most expected devices to get this feature,

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