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Apple Music Pays More To Artists Than Spotify

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Apple Music is a more generous app for artists as compared to its counterparts, Apple Music has now surprisingly revealed how much you pay when a song is streamed. Accordingly, over half of the subscription income goes to the record label, the musician receives an average of 1 US cent for each song.

That has now been revealed by Apple itself – after years of accusations that they are making money at the expense of the artists. It was decided to issue a letter to the label and artist. Now, this disclosure is long overdue. As the Wall Street Journal now reports with reference to this letter, Apple Music says it pays 52 percent of the subscription income for the music service directly to the record labels.

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“Apple Music Is More Artist-friendly”

For the musician, this means that a penny is paid per song stream. With the publication of the payouts, Apple is now following a step taken by competitor Spotify, which recently published its own figures. Apple took this as an opportunity to emphasize that Apple Music is “more artist-friendly” and pays more than Spotify. The figure with a penny per stream would be roughly twice as high as what Spotify, currently the world’s largest and most widely used music streaming service, pays the holders of the music rights.

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However, the total payouts to the artists at Spotify are higher, as significantly more streams are generated. Since the music industry has had particularly large cuts due to the discontinuation of live events due to the corona pandemic, some rights holders had teamed up and demanded higher remuneration for the streams. Many fans have already joined the call to increase artist compensation.

Apple last reported official user figures in June 2019. At that time it was said that more than 60 million music subscribers were actively involved. Spotify leads the industry in subscriptions with 155 million. In total, there are even 345 million active users, because many use Spotify for free with the ad-supported, restricted version.

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