Apple Provides Quick Fix To Watch Series 9 Display Flicker

Owners of a new Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2 are reporting a new display problem with their watches. Accordingly, the display flickers when you switch from always-on mode. An update could soon fix the bug.

The flickering issue is annoying

The problems have been discussed since the beginning of October and it appears that they are not the only display problems with the new Apple watches. The online magazine MacRumors has now drawn attention to the flickering displays. Owners of an Apple Watch see a pulsating flickering, whereby the brightness of the display changes briefly and then “normalizes” again. This could also indicate a problem with the brightness sensor.

Those affected consider the update to watchOS 10.0.2 to be the trigger for the flickering errors, because before the update, according to users, there was no such effect when switching from always-on mode.

Apple is now investigating the problem. There are indications that it is only a software problem and cannot be traced back to the hardware. It is also said that only the two new Apple Watch series are affected; the older models do not have this error.

Temporary solution

Apple has therefore already instructed its support staff not to exchange the new watches of those affected if they contact Apple with the problem, but rather to refer them to an upcoming firmware update. As a temporary solution, it is also recommended to temporarily disable Always-On mode in Settings.

Visit the Apple Watch app:

  • Select display & brightness
  • Toggle “Always on” to “Off”.

The update to watchOS 10.1 is expected next week, which will be released at the same time as iOS 17.1 and iPadOS 17.1 on October 24th. The flickering problems could then be history.

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