Apple Responds To iPhone 15 Finewoven Complaints

Together with the iPhone 15 models, Apple also introduced its FineWoven cases, which replace leather as the case material. But this alternative “artificial leather” is not well received, neither by testers nor by customers. Complaints about this are piling up at Apple.

Everyone hates FineWoven

Two weeks ago Apple presented its new smartphones and a momentous decision was announced regarding the case material. Leather cases are no longer produced; instead, the material called FineWoven is intended to provide a “subtle shine and a soft, suede-like feel”.

But this doesn’t go down well with users: there are now numerous posts and videos on social media and channels like YouTube that downright hate the material and the associated cases. The well-known technology site The Verge summarizes this in plain language and writes that the cases are “very bad”: “Apple’s new FineWoven iPhone cases and accessories are simply terrible.” You can read similar harsh judgments on many other sites and blogs.

Apple Store Complaints

Critical reviews do not automatically mean that customers always see things the same way. In this case yes. Customers are increasingly coming back to Apple Stores and want to return their cases. Others are unsure and have questions about durability and the material structure. A major criticism of FineWoven is that it tends to cause – apparently permanent – scratches.

The criticism has also reached Cupertino and Apple has now sent a memo to its stores. In it, employees are informed how they should respond to critical customer questions; 9to5Mac got hold of this letter.

It says: “You may receive questions from customers about the appearance of the new FineWoven material, how it will wear over time, and how to care for it.” The Apple site interprets this as follows: “Apple knows everyone hates FineWoven, and retail workers are bearing the brunt of the complaints.”

Apple continued: “You can let customers know that the FineWoven material is made from luxurious micro twill with a soft yet durable suede-like texture.” Store employees can tell customers that the fibers can change over time and “compress during normal use.”

At the same time, Apple emphasizes that some scratches can disappear over time – but that doesn’t sound convincing. Apple also points out that leather also shows similar wear and tear over time. Finally, Apple employees should give the following tips for cleaning FineWoven:

  • Dip a lint-free cloth in clean water
  • Squeeze it until it is just slightly moist
  • Gently rub the cloth over the FineWoven surface for 1 minute

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