The OnePlus reveals ‘The Lab’ evaluation program for its first foldable


OnePlus is all set to debut the OnePlus Open. It will be the company’s first foldable smartphone. According to recent information sources, the company has introduced the ‘The Lab’ review program for OnePlus Open. Well, this is not the first time that the company has debuted ‘The Lab.’

The company initially debuted it with the OnePlus 3 series, and since then it has gained popularity among OnePlus users. With the recent review program, three lucky users will get a chance to review the forthcoming foldable smartphone. According to the company, honest and real reviews are required. Furthermore, the company stated that the reviewers will be selected based on their content quality and not their follower base.

You might be considering who is eligible for this review program. Well, if you are a resident of Europe, North America, or India and above 18 years of age, congratulations! You can apply. Do remember that October 4 is the last date for submitting applications.

The OnePlus Open appears the same as the OPPO Find N3

It is now confirmed that the official name of the company’s first foldable smartphone is OnePlus Open. It is assumed to feature the same hardware as the OPO Find N3. Please note that this smartphone has not launched yet. Previously reported rumors claim that the smartphone features a main display that measures 7.8 inches and a cover panel that measures 6.3 inches.

The smartphone will provide a horizontal orientation in an unfolded state, just like the Google Pixel Fold and the OPPO Find N2. It will be different from the Galaxy Z Fold 5, and several other book-style foldables. It is reported that the OPPO Find N3 and OnePlus Open will be larger than the OPPO Find N2. Reportedly, the OnePlus Open will come with a powerful camera setup along with Hasselblad branding. The smartphone is expected to arrive on October 19.

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