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US is massively recruiting IT professionals from Russia: Visas Simplified

The US seems to be seizing the opportunity presented by the flight of countless researchers and developers from Russia. In the short term, the White House wants to massively relax visa rules for well-educated Russians who want to come to the United States.

One proposal the White House has included in its recent amendment to Congress is that Russian professionals applying for work visas no longer need to have a signed employment contract. A master’s or doctoral degree in science, mathematics, or engineering would suffice. A statement by a spokesman for the National Security Council to the American news agency shows that this is not pure charity toward Russian specialists who no longer want to live under the conditions of a dictatorship according to Bloomberg, So it’s definitely about weakening Putin’s high-tech resources.

Could be Win-win?

If we succeed in offering specialists from Russia good prospects in the US, this would significantly reduce Russia’s innovative strength in the short and long term. And it would also be an advantage for the US if additional specialists were available for business. Because, especially in the areas mentioned, there are currently barely enough people in the country to meet the needs of the economy.

Facilitated issuance of visas for the US should be prioritized when applicants already have experience in areas such as semiconductor development, IT security, space technology, advanced manufacturing processes, AI, and similar fields. The fact that you can gather good staff here is seen as a realistic option. In recent months, hundreds of thousands of Russians, mostly highly educated, have already left their home countries as domestic political pressure is mounting and the already limited financial prospects have been further reduced as a result of the sanctions.