Apple Watch Ultra 2 Display Is Harder To Read In Low Light Conditions

According to Apple, the display of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has been improved – but users don’t currently see it that way. The new Ultra is said to be difficult to read, especially in poor lighting conditions.

Incorrect adaptation to ambient light

This is probably due to an incorrect adjustment of the display to the ambient light. Users in the Apple forums and on Reddit are now reporting that the Watch Ultra 2’s display is far too dark in low-light conditions, making it difficult to see anything.

According to MacRumors, the display darkens so much in dark environments that information on the display cannot be read. Users report that the problem is particularly noticeable when quickly moving from a well-lit room to a dark area.

Some users of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 blame the new hardware for the problem, but that seems far-fetched – because, on the one hand, Apple has revised the display and, on the other hand, users of the first Ultra generation are now apparently also affected.

The display of the new Ultra 2 offers a maximum brightness of 3,000 nits – making this watch the brightest display ever seen on an Apple smartwatch. It can also be dimmed down to 1 nit, which now probably turns out to be too little. MacRumors therefore writes that it is more likely that it could have something to do with Apple’s watchOS 10 update, which was released in September.

Software problem suspected

The problem occurs on Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2 models that have been updated to watchOS 10.0.1 or watchOS 10.0.2.

Apple is said to already be aware of this issue, suggesting it could soon be fixed with a software update.

However, there is no official statement or announcement about this. Those affected can only wait. If it is an adjustment problem for the ambient light, a firmware update with the error correction should now be released soon.

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