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The Apple Watch Ultra 2 could feature a truly enormous screen

As per the latest information, Apple could introduce a Watch with an even bigger display. Previously, the company introduced a smartwatch having a display of 1.92-inch in size. The latest information is coming from the source DigiTimes. As per this source, in 2024 the tech company Apple will introduce an Apple Watch Ultra with a 2-1-inch screen. It is also anticipated that the next version of the smartwatch could utilize micro-LED display technology instead of OLED display technology.

With the use of micro-LED display tech, the smartwatch will make the screen appear brighter. It will display vibrant colors. Moreover, it will be more convenient for the smartwatch to view at an angle in contrast to the current OLED display. In January 2023, Mark Gurman claimed that with the use of a micro-LED the smartwatch’s display screen could appear like it’s painted on top of the glass.

Given the increase in size, an increase of just a few inches from 1.92 to 2.1 might be exciting for some users. However, it will present the users with easy interaction. Whether we will see such a modification in the recent version or not is still a matter of time. The same is the case with the rumors of micro-LED that have been made by several sources. The analyst Jeff Pu came forward with similar claims as DgiTimes with respect to the size as well as the technological modifications. Besides this, 2024 is a long wait. So, for now, we will consider these rumors with a pinch of salt.

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