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iPhone Battery Problems After iOS 16 Release

Reports of battery life issues are not uncommon after major software updates – this is often due to background processes that the new firmware has to complete first. With iOS 16, the complaints from users have been going on for two weeks now.

Battery life Becomes an Issue After Updating

A lot is reported about the iPhone and its battery life, after all, iOS updates always directly affect significantly more people than, for example, new Android firmware.

If you look at the delivery of the major iOS updates in recent years, a rhythm is noticeable: shortly after the release, the number of problem reports regarding battery life increases, but then flattens out again quite quickly. 9to5Mac points out an interesting connection here in his report on current problems with iOS 16.

The reports of battery life problems shortly after the update are probably due in many cases to a normal function of the new software. Because, even if the new firmware seems to have been installed, the new iOS still has a lot to do in the background, including re-indexing of files, photos, and applications.

Apple’s major annual update in particular shows this behavior because the largest adjustments to the system are delivered here. So much for the background against which iOS 16 seems to step out of line.

Thousands Of Complaints

A look online shows that two weeks after the release of iOS 16, an unusual number of users are still reporting battery life problems. 9to5Mac refers to “thousands of complaints” that are distributed across platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, but also Apple’s support forums – as usual, garnished with the conspiracy theories circulating every year that Apple is intentionally shortening the battery life of older iPhones with new one’s models for sale.

There is currently no statement from Apple on runtime problems with iOS 16 – but this is not to be expected for the time being. The company has already released iOS version 16.0.2, but there are no indications of any adjustments in this area. So just look at iOS 16.1, which is in beta testing. We will report on how the topic of battery life and iOS 16 continues to develop.

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