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Apple WatchOS 8.4.1 fixes the bug for newer models

Apple has released an update for the Apple Watch within a couple of days after the release of WatchOS 8.4. The update to the firmware fixes a few bugs but is only available to newer models that are part of the Apple Watch Series 4. According to reports, following the launch of the WatchOS 8.4, Apple had to admit that certain Apple Watch users were experiencing issues. So, Apple had to roll out the update two days after the release. It is now providing the new WatchOS 8.4.1 for Apple Smartwatch customers. According to AppleInsider’s publication, this is an upgrade of minor importance, possibly targeted at bug fixes as well as security updates.

There are no significant release notes for this time.

The latest version 8.4.1 is available for Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, and Series 7. Details about the changes are not yet announced. The release note, which announces the update for this phone Apple just mentions fix for bugs of Series 4 and doesn’t provide any specifics.

Therefore, you will receive updates as quickly as it is possible.

The quickest way to upgrade is to look for it on a compatible iPhone as well as using the Watch app and then launch it. If an update to the software is available it will be displayed in the General section under Software Update/Install. Customers who have chosen to receive automatic updates will get the updated version at the moment it becomes available for download and installation at the next time available for download. Apple will then try the installation when you next connect the watch to charge it, and you connect it to Wi-Fi. If you look to download the upgrade, charge, and then connect to charge the Apple Watch to the charging station, you’ll receive the update when it becomes available.