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Apple’s Under-display Face ID gets delayed for a full year

As per information from a well-known tipster, Apple is facing some major issues with its latest next-generation facial recognition technology. This latest technology’s release has been delayed for up to an year.

Apple’s under-display face technology has been delayed for over a year

As per information from Ice Universe, this technology will not be available anytime before 2025. Maybe Apple will plan to introduce it with the iPhone 17 series, or we can wait until the release of the iPhone 18 based on this information.

This latest technology by Apple will be available in its Pro series. With this happening, Dynamic Island will completely disappear. This latest feature will allow Apple to gear up for this feature without a notch or camera hole.

Although there’s a must-have option for the front camera that is adjustable with the standards till 2025–2026, This latest feature is being treated as an issue at this point.

Apple may be facing “sensor issues” with this feature

As for the delay in launch, there is a good explanation presented by the tipster. According to him, the company could be facing some serious issues regarding this feature. This was his only explanation, which raised doubts that maybe the company hasn’t worked that well on technology or maybe there’s any other issue.

However, there’s a minor display of dynamic islands within the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. This feature is displayed in the form of a pill at the top of the display and works in combination with iOS animation to make for an interesting experience.

This pill-shaped display has taken the place of a notch on the iPhone. It’s still in with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, but maybe it will be shifted out with the iPhone 15 series. The iPhone series will be completely based on Dynamic Island, with both its simple and pro series.

as the iPhone SE 4 is ready to be launched next year. This latest launch will contain that notch. If we don’t focus on the rumors, its design will be almost identical to that of the iPhone 14. It will be most likely to adapt the framework of the iPhone 14.

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