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Google Translate can now translate text within images on web

A major alteration is introduced to Google Translate. This latest tool can create text from images. The text can be translated into any of your desired languages.

As you open up the Google Translate website, you can see a tab bar on the top of the page. This latest tab will be available within the group. This latest tab is named “Image Tab.

This latest feature will allow users to provide you with a translation of words that are in a photo or screenshot. For this action, you need to upload an image, either from your phone or a laptop. By uploading the image, this tool will detect the language in the image and convert it into any language you want. You need to set up the language as the default. You can choose about any language from the available 130 languages.

Along with the translation from the image, this tool is also able to show you the comparison between the original text and the translated one. Users are allowed to download the translated text or image at their convenience.

This latest tool from Google uses the technology of a “generative adversarial network (GAN), the same as the one being used by AR translate for Google Lens. Through this technology, you are able to see the old image along with the new one. Other than the imposition of text on top of the original text.

As this feature was available on Google Lens before, it wasn’t convenient for desktops. Now this latest feature can be used on browsers on your desktop.

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