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ARM: Chipmaker Is Planning For IPO

In the last few weeks, there has been a series of surprising news about the chip designer ARM. According to an insider report, the group wants to develop its own chips and expand in this way. Now it has become known: ARM is also planning an IPO.

According to a report by Reuters news, ARM probably wants to be represented on the technology-heavy NASDAQ trading exchange in the USA before the end of this year. Details are not yet known. ARM itself surprisingly confirmed the planned IPO in a press release over the weekend.

ARM is currently preparing to raise a lot of money – to have funds for further investments. The first plan – the sale of ARM to NVIDIA – fell through a few months ago. The takeover failed due to excessive regulatory hurdles imposed by the US authorities.

Stock exchange listing in the USA

ARM and its parent company Softbank have now confirmed that they have submitted a “draft registration statement” for a US stock exchange listing. However, the press release did not say which exchange it was, nor when trading was to begin.

According to information obtained by Reuters, trading at the NASDAQ group is planned. It also states that ARM plans to raise between $8 billion and $10 billion from its IPO. ARM and its parent SoftBank hope this IPO will encourage new investment. According to a media report, the chip manufacturer ARM has been working for several months on developing its own chips in which the company’s architectures should show the enormous potential they have – and money is needed for this.

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