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Birthday reminders are now added in with Google Contacts’ new birthday section

For a period, Google is making quite a lot of efforts in its contact app to keep it up to date with some Material You features and support for contact additions from various workspace applications on the web. Last year in December, various highlighted tabs were added to the Contacts app. There is a new feature that will show you events like upcoming birthdays of saved contacts.

Birthday reminders in ‘for you’ section

Although some people prefer the Phone app by Google, those users who are using the Contact app can see highlighted tabs in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Your favorite contacts are at the top of this app, and your recently dialed contacts are present in other parts. As per reports from 9to5Google, a new section has been added to the application. This new section is named “for you”, as it’s present between the sections that were there before. In this new section, you’ll be able to see cards that are showing up for your contacts whose birthdays are approaching. These cards also contain an inserted button for efficiently calling or contacting these contacts.

This latest feature is quite similar to Google Assistant’s feature that also gives you a reminder of your saved contacts birthdays. This addition to the latest feature can make the Contacts app a hub for storing all information about your contacts. As per reports from 9to5Google, an app survey was filled out that was related to questions about other features that users are expecting to see in the Highlights tab. However, Google Calendar doesn’t remind you of the birthdays of your contacts.

If this feature is still unavailable to you, there might not be enough saved birthdays on your device. This feature is in the process of being rolled out and can be associated with a server-side update. You can update the application from the Play Store to get this update.

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