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Your phone’s stolen pin can be used to change your Google account’s password


Your stolen phone’s pin can become a source for changing your Google account password. As per information from a report that has explained the possibility of this act. This threat is already familiar to iPhone users, but now it has expanded beyond the iPhone.

As per observations from cybersecurity experts, this possibility is now a threat for Android users too. Both of these systems should establish a more convenient way of protecting devices. These cybersecurity crimes can give a criminal access to steal data from other users along with their important information.

This issue isn’t too unimportant to neglect it. There should be better ways of protecting both Android and iOS devices. This is quite important to protect your device pin from being accessed by anyone else.

Protecting your Google passwords by protecting your stolen phone’s PIN

In case you have ever forgotten your Google account’s password, there is another login option available. Once you tap on the option “forgot password on the login tab, it will lead you to a link through which you can reset your password. This link is the main source for changing your password.

In order to reset one’s password, Google asks the user to unlock his device to ensure account ownership. iPhone users are required to enter their device’s pin. For Android users, they can unlock their devices by using the finger print sensor rather than a pin, password, or pattern.

Although it sounds like a quite secure way, it surely gives a chance to anyone who is able to steal your device’s pin, or any means that are used to unlock your device, to get access to your Google account. They can use these credentials against a password change if they gain access to them.

As it is required to enter the security credentials before password reset, your stolen password or pin can act as a gateway to alter your Google account’s password. By changing your account’s password, you can give others access to confidential or any kind of data. Logging into your account on a different device can give them access to all of your synced accounts.

You need to protect your account’s pin in order to protect your Google account. It is crucial not to share your phone’s PIN or password with anyone. Also, you need to set up strong passwords in order to protect your accounts. Still, we are hoping for Apple and Google to find an alternate method for preventing this theft from happening.

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