Blizzard Tells Diablo 4 Players To Take a Break If They Are Bored

Diablo 4 demands a lot from players on the most difficult level, but the first voices complaining about too little work are still being heard. Blizzard responds with an unusual tip: It’s perfectly fine to just take a break.

Criticism: Blizzard Suggests To Take a break

Blizzard’s newest title, Diablo 4 has only been available for 5 weeks, yet some very eager players have fought their way through virtually all the challenges presented. A small percentage of users are at the forefront of this movement. Not only did they reach level 100 with a permadeath hardcore character, but they also conquered the hardest dungeons in hardcore mode (Tier 100 Nightmare). As usual, it doesn’t take very long before the first voices in the community start complaining about boredom and weariness.

Of course, developers are very keen to keep players busy with different systems for as long as possible. When asked about the criticism of the size of the endgame, Joe Piepiora, deputy game director of Diablo 4, shows little concern in an IGN interview. On the contrary, according to him, the “problem” of bored gamers has an easy solution: “When you’ve completed all your goals and done the things you think are important and you want to take a break to do something else for a while playing, that’s fine,” said Piepiora.

Piepiora points out that Diablo 4 was also designed from the start with the idea that players can take a break without falling hopelessly behind in terms of equipment. On July 20th, the game will start its first season. Players can only enter this fresh chapter with a new character, but the current campaign must have been played through beforehand. With this season principle you offer perfect re-entry points: “It’s great to know that there is a point where I can return to Diablo 4 and everyone is on an equal footing,” says Piepiora.

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