Bugs prompted Samsung to withdraw the June update for the Galaxy S23

The South Korean conglomerate has reportedly delayed the June update for the Galaxy S23 series. The update was eagerly anticipated by the users. As per recent pieces of information, the original update was accompanied by several bugs. For this reason, the company has pulled back the update. A new update will follow as soon as the bugs are fixed. There is no information regarding the release date as of now.

For quite a long time rumors indicated that the Galaxy S23 series will receive a major update in June. The company has introduced several new camera features for the series. The update appeared last week on Friday with an OTA (over the air) size of 2.2GB. the updates were rolled out in Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Besides these regions, the updates have not been introduced to other markets.

There was no clear indication why the South Korean tech firm delayed the release of updates in other markets. But it turned out that the company has withheld the updates. The tipster Ice Universe reports on Twitter that users have found bugs in the June update on their Galaxy S23 smartphones. The tipster didn’t mention any other information besides this. He claimed that the company has delayed the update due to the reported bugs. Possibly the company will roll out the new build after fixes.

Well, it seems to be a big issue since the company has stopped the rollout. Reportedly, Samsung is working on a new June build (AWF3) where the original build number ends in AWF1. Perhaps, it won’t take longer for the company to roll out the new version. since users have been eagerly waiting for this update.

The June update includes a lot of features

We can get an idea of something big and new from the size of the OTA which is reported to be 2.2GB. The stock camera app now has a 2x zoom option for Portrait Mode as part of the Galaxy S23 series update from June. Only 1x and 3x zoom are currently supported for portrait photography on the latest Samsung flagships. The Korean company is also promoting advancements in the camera’s focusing, haptic feedback, and system animations and transitions. There might be further modifications, but we won’t know for sure until Samsung restarts the distribution.

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