By disabling your YouTube watch history, your home feed will look desolate

Like any service that curates material for you, YouTube places a strong emphasis on providing personalized content for you. People are kept on the platform in this manner. The platform needs access to your watch history to be able to perform this. Well, your YouTube home feed will appear empty if you disable your watch history.

Your watch history can be disabled, which has some advantages. You can temporarily disable your viewing history if a friend or child uses your account, and they have radically different likes. Their videos shouldn’t influence your suggestions in any way.

Additionally, you can disable it if you know that you’re going to look up a lot of unique videos that are off the usual route for your recommendations. Maybe you’re doing some kind of research for your friend, and you’ll not like it. You can disable it for some time.

By setting your YouTube history on disabled, your home feed will look different

Given that you won’t have a feed, calling it a home screen is being charitable. This was revealed by YouTube (via Android Central), and it will progressively roll out over the ensuing months. All the video on your home screen will be removed if you disable your watch history. Neither a feed of the most popular videos nor results based on your previous video will be displayed to you.

Instead, the only things you’ll see are the top search bar and the left navigation panel. However, everything on the side panel will still be available to you. You can therefore continue to browse the channels to which you have subscribed, look through your collection, and watch the most popular videos.

According to YouTube, this will simplify the process for those who would rather search for videos than look at recommendations. You shouldn’t be shocked if you open YouTube to a blank screen if you’ve disabled your history.

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