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CEOs of Apple, Meta, Alphabet, and more are summoned about content moderation


The latest report from The Wall Street Journal suggests something interesting. As per this report, officials of some big companies have been summoned. Reportedly, they have been summoned regarding content moderation. The companies consist of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft.

Republicans now hold the power for controlling the House of Representatives. It seems like they want to know every detail about content moderation practices. Since the CEOs have been given a timeframe of until March to respond to the above-mentioned matter.

The CEOs have been summoned by Jim Jordan [House Judiciary Chairman]. It appears that the panel is interested in fetching the details about the pressures imposed by the federal government on companies to censor content. Basically, the panel wants to dig deep and unveil the actual extent and the ways adopted for such practices.

Besides all this, one thing to notice here is that Twitter is excluded from the list. Since Elon Musk oversees the platform. For this reason, it is not wrong as others. Well, this is just an assumption. Twitter has recently resumed Donald Trump’s account. It also has shared some internal “Twitter Files.” Reportedly, these files made tons of information public.

Engadget reports that all companies have rejected accusations of bias. The companies stated that they are only concerned about removing false and harmful material. Well, the outcomes of these recent advancements will be obvious in near future. Several times the companies have presented an anti-conservative moto. But all such attempts have failed so far. So, what happens next will unveil soon.

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