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Xiaomi will unveil its humanoid robot at MWC 2023

MWC is scheduled later for this month. It appears like that Xiaomi is all set to unveil its humanoid robot at the event. The following news was confirmed by the company via its social media. In the post, the company shared the images as well as some specifications about the robot.

Xiaomi will introduce the CyberOne robot. It was introduced in China in 2022. The company has referred to the robot as a humanoid bionic robot. The robot has the capacity to support bipedal-motion posture balancing. In 2022, the company claimed that the robot can attain a peak torque of around 300Nm.

Besides this, the robot has the capacity to detect human motion. Additionally, it is equipped with advanced vision capabilities. CyberOne can generate a 3D virtual reconstruction of the real world. The robot weighs around 52 grams. It is 177cm in height. The arm span of CyberOne is around 168cm. it has the potential to mimic human movements. Since it can lift around 1.5kg in each hand.

In addition to CyberOne, Xiaomi unveiled the CyberDog robot in 2021. The official post of the company didn’t mention anything about CyberDog. But we can expect that the company might feature it too. As per the rumors, the company might only show off the robot. It won’t be available for purchase. But things will hopefully get clear with time.

It appears that the company is going to unveil quite a number of products at MWC 2023. At least the social media posts suggest so. Xiaomi 13 series will also be unveiled. The company will introduce Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro for the international market at MWC 2023 event scheduled for February 27.