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CES 2021 Changed The Timeline In The Last 54 Years

CES 2021

Smart Things reported on January 1 that since 1967, the world’s largest consumer electronics show (International Consumer Electronics Show, hereinafter referred to as CES) has been held in Las Vegas for 54 consecutive years, but this year due to the epidemic, The first shift to online will begin on January 11 this year, a four-day exhibition.

Last year, CES attracted 171,268 participants, including 6,517 journalists from all over the world. Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of CES, said that the scale of online exhibitions this year may not be as good as offline, but there are still 1,000 exhibiting companies and an estimated 150,000 participants. Many of them are attending CES for the first time.

Regarding what new technologies there will be in 2021, Shapiro believes that 5G communications, 8K TVs, robots, VR, AR and drones will be the direction of the future, and issues such as supervision and privacy will become more prominent. And what new changes will there be in the 2021 online CES show? The American technology media VentureBeat conducted an in-depth interview with Shapiro.

The following is a compilation of the interview content. In order to conform to the Chinese reading habit, Zhi Shi has been deleted and modified without changing the original intent.

1. Online “transfer” is difficult, and offline 2022 booths are already on sale

The move of CES to online was decided in July of this year, so CTA has sufficient time to prepare stable network facilities, design exhibition links and communicate with participating companies. As a CTA partner, Microsoft’s team will provide cloud services, video production and other related support for this year’s online CES.

But the decision to move online still made some companies choose to withdraw from CES, so the number of exhibitors this year is not as good as in previous years.

Shapiro said that he understands the choices of companies and provides refunds, and said that since November this year, the booths in the CES hall in 2022 have been sold, and he hopes that the popularity of vaccines can reopen offline exhibitions as soon as possible.

Moving the exhibition online will not only reduce the experience of participating exhibitors and participants, but also have a certain impact on the local economy of Las Vegas, because the holding of CES in previous years will bring a lot of passenger flow, accommodation and food consumption.

In this regard, Shapiro expressed regret and sadness, saying that CTA is fully supporting local charities and providing relief food for more people. However, CTA’s financial situation this year is not good, cutting a lot of expenses, and it has a small staff. Next, complete the “online transfer” of the world’s largest consumer exhibition.

Two, three major characteristics, when it comes to online shopping exhibition this year

When there is any “new gameplay” at CES, Shapiro said there are mainly the following three aspects.

1. Look back within 30 days

People who have participated in previous CES exhibitions have a consensus that CES exhibitions are endless.

However, this problem is solved immediately after the transfer to the online. CES registered members can review keynote speeches, online conferences, etc. at any time within 30 days, and most of the links are reserved for question and answer sessions, and people can speak online Ask questions.

2. Connect with LinkedIn

As we all know, CES is not only a platform for major manufacturers to release new products, but also a good opportunity for industry insiders to communicate and create business opportunities.

Although it is not possible to communicate directly face-to-face, when users register for a CES account, users can choose the technology field they care about and share their LinkedIn account with other people in this field, so that users in different fields can establish connections through LinkedIn .

3. Customize the search experience

In four days, more than 1,000 manufacturers, countless keynote speeches and online conferences, although not comparable to the offline scale in the past, how do you find what you are interested in in the “label” of the vast company?

CES provides users with a special “private order.”

According to users’ different tags, CES will provide users with different homepage recommendations. In addition to the news media reported from around the world, CES itself also has four presenters, focusing on the upcoming speeches. The 24-hour news scrolls in real-time, ensuring that users can grab the news they need in time whether they watch live broadcasts or watch replays.

3. CES: The lowest fare for ordinary users is US$149

Shapiro mentioned that the total time of this online CES, including keynote speeches and questioning sessions, will exceed 100 hours, and major new product releases from different manufacturers will also be carried out “staggered” to provide users with a rich experience as much as possible.

When referring to online ticket prices, Shapiro said that it would provide a certain number of free registration places for exhibitors. Media can also register for free on the official website before January 8, but ordinary users still need to buy tickets to see the exhibition: January 4 the registration fee for users registered before the number is 149 US dollars, after the 4th, the registration fee increases to 499 US dollars.

Shapiro said that 100,000 users have already signed up to participate, and it is expected that 150,000 people will participate in this online exhibition, and reminds all users who are interested to register as soon as possible.

It is reported that the exhibitors participating in CES this year include Accenture, Bosch, Canon, Hisense, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Mercedes-Benz, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung Electronics, TCL and Voxx and other technology giants, as well as Bridgestone and Caterpillar. Other non-traditional technology companies include Walmart, L’Oreal, Omron Healthcare, and Procter & Gamble.

Conclusion: Is online CES still exciting?

Unlike exhibitions that specialize in a specific field or the press conferences of individual manufacturers, CES covers almost the entire consumer electronics field, from mobile phones, chips to cars, and it can be said to be the vane of global consumer electronics. And in the newly opened 2021, what new surprises will the consumer electronics weather vane brings us? We will wait and see.