Gboard to implement text scanning seen in Samsung Keyboard

Google is developing Gboard to enable text scanning within the application. Google appears to have drawn some inspiration from Samsung’s version, which we have already seen on the Samsung Keyboard.

The purpose of the new feature is to improve text scanning efficiency and user convenience. With the Gboard text scanning capability, users may utilize the camera on their device to take text and then enter it straight into text messages or documents within the Gboard interface. This could improve your productivity, particularly if you interact with texts in person.

How does the feature work?

Google has buried its OCR capability in the most recent Gboard (13.6) beta version, which is still in development. According to 9to5Google, users can access it through the “Scan Text” feature located in the Gboard’s toolbar. The device’s camera opens inside the Gboard in the lower half of the screen when it is turned on. Before taking a picture with text, users are asked to approve the use of their cameras.

After the picture is taken, the OCR feature makes all of the text in it visible. After that, users can choose the exact text they want to copy. The camera viewfinder stays open to allow for continuous text input while users type the chosen text. The process of scanning and transferring text from physical sources into digital formats is greatly streamlined by this capability.

An Advantage to Gboard Users

For Gboard users who frequently need to scan and include text from printed materials such as periodicals, documents, and other printed materials, this upcoming functionality could be a huge help. Google Lens allows you to scan text, but doing so requires navigating between apps, which breaks up the workflow.

Gboard customers may expect the efficiency and simplicity that this OCR text scanning tool promises, even though internal testing is now underway. It provides an option for people who might not choose a Samsung keyboard but are looking for an effective solution. Users should expect its adoption into the stable version of Gboard soon, as the testing phase continues.

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