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Child Harassment Case Reported in ‘The Monal Restaurant’

Until recent times child harassment was a tabooed topic in Pakistan. Now people have raised their voices, expressed their opinions & stood up for this terrible issue. After, Zainab’s case many child abuse cases have been highlighted in the country.

Recently a father shared an experience of his sons, who were harassed in one of the known Islamabad restaurants. The father narrated that when his sons entered the Monal Restaurant they faced a weird situation. In the washroom, the sweeper was asking quite personal questions from the sons. Then the sweeper asked the son to pose for a picture. His sons refused but the sweeper threatened them that they will not be allowed to leave the restaurant unless they pose.

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Then the kids informed about this to the parents who took the issue to the manager. The manager called the sweeper, who came after 15 minutes. He showed the phone but it was a different phone, not the one from which he took the snaps.

The father said:

“My Sons went to Monal (Saddar, Rawalpindi) Washroom tonight. While they were about to leave the washroom, the sweeper who was already there not only stopped them at the door asked personal questions and asked them to pose for a picture. My sons refused and he stood by the door and threatened them not to let them go outside until they agree for the pic.

When our sons told us, we immediately went to the manager. He called upon the sweeper, who came a good 15 minutes later. Not only the kids identified him but also gave an exact description of the mobile set. However, the sweeper denied the allegations at all and refused that he took any pics. On our insistence, the manager brought 5-6 mobile phones and asked me to check. Of course, the mobile kids saw was missing but the manager and the sweeper were in complete denial of any picture taken.

Now, had the sweeper shown us the mobile and deleted the photos which he had taken, we would have left. But the fact that both manager and sweeper refusing to accept that any such mobile exist shows that there’s definitely something fishy about it. So we called 15 and eventually, police force from Cantt station arrived. They asked us to write an application ( pic attached) and visited the washroom and left with the culprit.

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Half an hour later we received a call from the police station that they have investigated the accused and checked his mobile. There’s no evidence. We have categorically told them, that this isn’t the mobile from which he has taken pictures.

Its such a shame that a name like #Monal has staff that is involved in child harassment and their managers are protecting them.

We have taken Child Protection Bureau on board and will be strongly pursuing the case.”


Now the latest update is that the mobile is recovered. The phone had kid pictures in it & it was completely full of porn content. The phone has been taken by the police & now child protection bureau will take this case to the Monal owners & management.

It is important for parents to be really careful while visiting any restaurant. Children should also be given awareness about such issues & how they should tackle them.

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