Claude 2 is the second generation of Anthropic AI chatbot

With the release of ChatGPT the AI industry observed immense growth. It was the dream of every other tech company to lead the AI race. Since then most of the tech firms have introduced their versions of generative AI.

Anthropic was founded by former OpenAI research personnel. According to recent pieces of information, the company has introduced Claude 2. It is the second generation of Anthropic’s conversational chatbot. Notably, the company has invested $750 million in this project.  

Claude is quite similar to Bard and ChatGPT in terms of concept. However, the distinguishing factor is the conversation tone and humor. The latest version of the chatbot supports detailed responses. Besides this, it also includes improvements in coding, reasoning, and mathematics. The company also emphasized that the new chatbot beat its predecessor, Claude 1.3. It recorded a 76.5% score on the multiple-choice portion of the bar test as opposed to the 73% scored by Claude 1.3. 

When it comes to the concerns about the harmful impacts of chatbots and manipulative content, the company assets that Claude 2 is two times more effective at generating harmless responses. In this way, it lessens the risk of harmful content generation. Anthropic’s co-founder Daniela Amodei states that 2.0 is the safest version of the chatbot. We are excited given its engagement with a wide range of companies and consumers.

It is not connected to the internet

Claude 2 and ChatGPT have certain similarities but it is a fact about Claude that it is not connected to the internet. it is trained on data up until December 2022. For this reason, it doesn’t have access to recent information and developments. Strikingly, Claude’s dataset is more updated in contrast to ChatGPT’s free version. ChatGPT is trained on data up until 2021.

Examining texts and documents

Contextual understanding is another significant feature of Claude 2. It has the capacity to house almost 75,000 words. Besides analyzing the documents like novels and research papers, it also quickly generates summaries.

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