CNN Global VR Unit: CNN To Launch “360 Degree” Video Content For Mobiles

CNN will soon let viewers to enjoy 360-degree video content on their CNN offical apps

CNN is one of the most popular and renowned News organization based in the US, Now focusing on amalgamating their content into Virtual Reality. The company has announced their Virtual reality unit in a blog post . The unit is named as CNN-VR which will include 12 correspondents around the world. CNN IOS and Android Apps will be populated with 360 degree Video content.

Variety spoke to the Vice President of CNN Jason Farkas and found out that VR unit would be the third dimension of CNN’s content after TV and Web. Farkas further elaborated the efficacy of the VR unit which will allow users to access places extremely rare. This platform will help creating empathy between the users and the subject. That’s what all journalists wish to do-to enhance the viewer’s experience and leave perpetual impact on viewers, said Farkas.

360 content from CNN will be accessable through CNN official mobile apps including IOS and Android, it will also be available on Certain platforms and VR headsets. Most popular platforms such as; Google daydream, Gear VR and Oculus Rift are already on the board. Tech crunch also reported that CNN’s next plan is to live stream VR content for users in near future.

CNN is not the first broadcaster in the industry who has opened a VR unit, The huffing post, The New York Times and Economist has already showcased their 360 degree VR content in the last year. Now the competition would be around the content and user experience, which company will be able to amuse their consumers would be an interesting thing to look at.

VR And Facebook

Facebook has already initiated their VR business, Hugo Barra is leading Facebook’s VR content and strategy. Facebook is spending billions in their VR unit. The social giant will let users to broadcast 360-degree live videos, the company’s plan is to make VR social.


image via: cnn