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Royal Express bus service: Now in Pakistan

In Pakistan travelling is vital. People travel within cities and due to the rising petrol prices it is very expensive on the pocket. In case of travelling by bus there is the desire to get to another place by comfort and Daewoo is the only company operating that offers such exquisite service. Another bus luxury service is starting its operation in the country that provides much cheaper rates. The operation is from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa with trips starting at Rs. 1.

Royals Express has said that it will offer variable fares like airlines do and if you reserve you seat in advance or early then customers will be charged less. Fares on the booked ride will keep on increasing to (Rs. 200, Rs. 400 and so on) until the bus is half booked or fully booked.

Royal Express offers the cheapest travel in Pakistan

Okay to make it easier, let me break it down. If you’re the first one to book a ticket on the particular bus then you will get the ticket for Rs. 1. A major chunk of the tickets sold after the first one will be up for grabs for Rs. 200. The other chunk will be available for Rs. 400 and so on. At bookme.pk customers have the ability to select their seat numbers and reserve them online for Royals Express bus service. According to reports the bus service’s current fleet has 16 buses and around 30 more buses will become a part of the fleet in 30 more days.

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The Royal Express bus service offers features such as 3 seats in a row. It also has additional facilities like wash rooms, kitchen and on-seat entertainment. The bus service offers tray tables, set adjustment that adds more space between passengers making sure that you’re the boss of your personal space. For all the students and internet junkies there is even an onboard WiFi connectivity which is better and faster.

Royal Express bus service will also offer in-journey meals to passenger very soon. The passengers can pay for it separately at the time of their purchasing tickets online. Cab service for pick up from the destination is also available through this company. It is launching tomorrow on 9th March, 2017. It will only operate in between Lahore and Islamabad for now.

You can even add a cab service for the pick up and drop off to your destination.

Royals Express is launching tomorrow (March 9th, 2017) with two way service between Lahore and Islamabad.

You can visit their website here : http://royalsexpress.com/

Image via @Royal Express LLC

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