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Common Mistakes To Increase Blog Traffic Instantly

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Bloggers are always worried about their blog traffic and search for ways to increase blog traffic instantly, when I say instantly it means within few days or months. There are very few people out there who will show you the reality and the reality is; you will not be able to increase blog traffic by 400% or 800% in few days or months as suggested by many prominent bloggers.

If you search for the ways to increase blog traffic within days or months then you will definitely become a victim of gaining short-term traffic which in fact has no real value for your blog. Because when your efforts will slow down the traffic would plunge too.


  • Blog posts and titles

You will probably end up reading posts like; increase your blog traffic by 400% in few days, 15 killer ways to increase blog traffic, How I increased my blog traffic by 10 times in 2 months without spending a dollar and bla bla

Post titles

  • Ideas

Some people will suggest using social media as a source of gaining traffic. Others would suggest writing killer titles as you’ve seen in the image above. Moreover, few recommendations would ask you to add images in your posts. The rest would suggest making the website mobile responsive because many readers are online using mobile phones and not having mobile responsive website would affect the incoming traffic as well as search ranking. Some people will also suggest sending emails. I am going to summarize the traffic increase techniques now;

  • Use email lists, increase subscribers
  • Expand your social presence, connect with more communities
  • Share your posts on social media
  • Use PPC campaigns
  • Use social campaigns
  • Write Appealing Titles, images, headings, write lengthy content
  • Use videos
  • Use infographics, podcasts etc
  • Make use of guest blogging
  • Do blog commenting
  • Use RSS feeds
  • Improve your web design
  • Write for more categories

And the list goes on………

Now all the above titles and ideas will tell you how you can increase your blog traffic using different channels and strategies. To increase traffic instantaneously only few techniques are available like using paid campaigns and social sharing.


Even if you are able to gain traffic boost for a while using few of the techniques above it won’t remain permanent and last forever which is not worth it for your blog growth. You should always bare in mind that instant traffic boost techniques are always short-term in nature. It’s something similar to getting drunk for a while and then get hangover in the morning. After that you go back to your normal routine.


The long-term traffic is what you need and which is important for growth over time. There are top 3 major elements in this, described below in the image;

web traffic increase

Let’s learn about the fundamentals of all these 3 elements in detail and start from the content first


You must have heard the phrase “Content Is King” which means quality content speaks itself. One thing must be understood that quality alone is one side of the picture and the other side is quantity. Quality and quantity both are important in this phase. You can read the importance, pros and cons of quality and quantity here;

The idea is to maintain the quality and quantity both on your blog consistently, quality content takes more time and have less frequency whereas quantity content takes less time and is more frequent in nature. In other words, you will have to take the quality and frequency parallel.

  • Quality

Quality refers to the content when produced has a real value for readers; it is a detailed post covering all the aspects in the title itself. You must read first the misconceptions about quality content and how to produce quality posts in my other article. It will guide you what you really need to understand in order to create quality posts.

  • Quantity

Quantity refers to the frequency, length and number of the posts on your blog. Gradual increase in the overall quantity of your blog is important in gaining long-term traffic through search engines. Avoid thin content when writing posts in quantity.

  • Consistency

You should keep posting on your blog with consistency. For instance, if you can write one post per day keep it consistent over the period of time because Google get signals from your site about new publications and index them more frequently, this way your search ranking and traffic will have a positive effect on your blog.

  • Shareability

Your content must be shareable, what makes your content shareable is critical thing to learn. You can read more about content shareability in my two articles, here is the other one content popularity. Here I will only summarize the important factors that make content shareable;

  • Shareable images in your content
  • Quality of the content
  • Targeted content for targeted audience
  • Guest posting
  • Mobile users
  • Reputed channel
  • Social initiation 
  • Organic search



Your content should have the following attributes while being posted on your blog.

quality content attributes



Time plays an important role in attracting traffic to the blog, blogs who are able to get millions of page views now at this time, have started back from scratch in the past. All the top and famous blogs are almost 10 to 15 years old. Due to this time span, they have made their position strong and now they are well positioned in the search engines and social media. You must understand and allow enough time to gain traffic, if you are assuming that you could get first page rankings and huge amounts of traffic in months then you should change your mind. Start thinking long term, I have been blogging since 2 years but still I am not focusing on traffic because traffic is the secondary dimension, my major focus is consistency, quality and quantity over the time.

Now see the data analyzed from a famous blog, the affect of time and quantity over the period of time.

traffic and posts


The third important part in traffic increase is sharing, don’t forget to share content regularly with your targeted audience. While you are busy in writing you may lose focus on sharing, keep sharing as an integral part of your strategy.

You can see how sharing will affect your search ranking and traffic in the following image;

ranking factors


Social sharing and ranking



  • Focus on long-term performance rather than short-term gain

There is a difference between long-term performance and short-term gain. When you will look at your analytics and analyze your traffic per day or per month that is short-term traffic gain. And when you will look at your webmaster tools and analyze your situation that is long-term performance.


Tracking traffic and sources from analytics is important, but let me clear one thing that could change your focus. By looking at your analytics your will track the day to day or month to month traffic sources, this will probably shift your focus from tracking performance to tracking traffic. You might get demotivated by the incoming traffic and your strategy will shift your focus to gain more and more traffic. Having said that earlier, your will probably become a victim of gaining short-term traffic.

traffic increase analytics


You have to track your performance over the last 3 months in Webmaster tools and compare it with the previous period. Track Clicks, CTR, Impressions and position of your website. If your graph is improving every 90 days period then you don’t have to worry about your search rankings. With Content, Time and Sharing it will keep on improving you just have to stay focused, be consistent and be patient.

webmaster traffic


Gaining more and sharp rise in traffic in a short period of time is everyone’s dream but this could lead to serious mistakes that would affect your performance. Focus on the long-term traffic model below and keep working with patience and dedication.







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    1. Hahaha, well said Jennifer yes its a marathon not a sprint, and if you do sprint you are likely to get lot of injuries

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