Customers of T-Mobile will now be able to upgrade every year

According to some fresh pieces of information, T-Mobile has introduced a new upgrade plan for its consumers. Reportedly, the new GoG5 plan will enable users to upgrade their phones every year. Previously, users had access to the GoG5 Plus plans that enabled them to upgrade every two years.

Do note that the new plans are not accessible right away. They will be available shortly. According to T-Mobile, the plan can be accessed as early as this week. Customers ought to be able to switch to these new plans in person or over the phone. Additionally, it’s likely that they’ll be able to switch to them via the app. According to the company, the new plans are not for a limited time; rather, they will be available throughout the year in addition to the other Go5G plans.

Go5G Next plan enables one to upgrade by just paying off half

One of the major benefits associated with the new plan is that users can now frequently upgrade to the latest device. It means users could gain access to the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S devices more often. The company has come forward with this plan to benefit consumers.

If they first pay off half the balance on their current device, anyone with a Go5G Next plan is able to do this, assuming they have a device configured in EIP already. Most consumers, according to T-Mobile, have paid off half of their smartphones in 12 months or less. Therefore, allowing them to upgrade at the moment made sense. It is now clear that consumers won’t be required to wait for a whole year. They can conveniently upgrade after 6 months if their phone’s price is paid off by then.

Besides all the above-mentioned information, most users are not interested in changing and upgrading smartphones quite often. However, the newly introduced plans will be beneficial for users who wish to access the latest version of famous devices. Reportedly, the Go5G Next plans and the Go5G Plus plans have the same offerings, including 50GB of mobile hotspots, Apple TV+, Netflix memberships, and more.

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