The 5G Internet Air Plan of AT&T is now available in 16 new cities

Efforts to introduce 5G in all regions are underway. Like other smartphone carriers, AT&T is also working to expand its 5G Internet Air Plan. Reportedly, the company is expanding its plan to 16 new cities. Basically, the 5G Internet Air Plan uses 5G technology to provide high-speed Wi-Fi to households.

As per the available information, the 5G Internet Air Plan will now be available in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix (Prescott), Chicago, Detroit, Flint-Saginaw-Bay City (Michigan), Hartford-New Haven (Connecticut), Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland (Oregon), Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon (Pennsylvania), Pittsburgh, Seattle-Tacoma, and Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota, Florida).

We’ve already successfully introduced AT&T Internet Air to our current copper-based customers. Erin Scarborough, president of AT&T’s broadband and connectivity initiatives, said, “As we start to scale, we are hyper-focused on choosing locations with adequate access to wireless networks as well as the capacity to offer not only a great in-home experience but also to maintain outstanding wireless service for our current mobile users”.

Offerings of the Internet Air plan

The 5G Internet Air Plan offers a download speed of 40 to 140 Mbps and upload speeds of 5 to 25 Mbps. It uses the 5G infrastructure to provide high-speed Wi-Fi. Although its speeds are quite low compared to traditional fiber optic cables, the price tag of $55 per month covers equipment charges, binding contracts, and coverage fees, making it an attractive choice.

For setting up the internet, users gain access to a Wi-Fi router/modem and an app that makes it easier to install and manage the internet. The app notifies users about the relocation of the router for better network optimization, thus providing them with the best extender placement options. Besides this, users can add Wi-Fi extenders to compensate for extended coverage by paying an added fee of $10 per extender. Users can add a maximum of five extenders.

When it comes to 5G-powered home internet, besides AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are some other big names. The basic 5G home internet plan from Verizon can be accessed for $50 per month with autopay or $60 without autopay. T-Mobile also offers an internet plan in the same price segment.

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