Sugar Level Can Now Be Controlled Through A Smartphone

Technology is advancing at a huge pace and everyday a new milestone is achieved. Recently Chinese researchers have established a system that can treat diabetes in mice through a smartphone. They worked upon a smartphone app and then used it to instruct engineered cells to create insulin. This in turns help mice with diabetics to attain and sustain a steady sugar level in just a couple of hours. These cells require illumination by far-red light in order to produce insulin. The red-light required for this whole procedure is of same wave length as found in therapy bulbs and infrared saunas. Scientists believe that this modern system can now provide treatment of diabetic and also open a new dimension in the field of medical health and cure.

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There are almost 415 million people today suffering from diabetics. This new research paves new paths for diabetic patients. Moreover, smartphones have been considered a source of creating health problems in human beings, for once a cure through smartphone is surprising and an encouraging factor in the field of technology. This whole procedure is in its initial stages, we can hope it works out for the betterment of diabetic people as planned.