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Details of new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 leaked

A few weeks ago, there was a preview of what Microsoft is planning as “updates” to the Surface Laptop Go. Now some new information is available – the Surface Laptop Go 2 should therefore get a new color and a CPU upgrade. That comes from a new report from Windows Central. Therefore, Microsoft is currently preparing an update of its cheapest laptop in the Surface series.

The Surface Laptop Go 2, codenamed ‘Zuma’, is expected to hit stores in June, so the launch is rumored to be only a few weeks away. The Surface Laptop Go is a fairly simple and therefore very affordable notebook from Microsoft. If you want to do more paperwork, e-mail, and use the internet, then you’ve come to the right place.

According to the new reports, Microsoft now also wants to focus on the good value for money of the Surface Laptop Go 2. The new generation should therefore continue much of the hardware from the first model and in principle only get a processor upgrade. Microsoft wants to refresh the hardware with newer 11th generation Intel Core i5 processors. The current model uses the tenth generation Intel Core i5 CPUs. According to the online magazine, there is also a new color called “Sage”, or “sage”. Currently, you can choose between the three colors Platinum, Ice Blue, and Sandstone.

Idea soon?

According to Windows Central, the Surface Laptop Go 2 won’t change much otherwise. The price and equipment options should remain the same, with the base model coming with 64GB of eMMC storage paired with 4GB of RAM. The fingerprint sensor in the power button should still only be available on the more expensive models. According to the media report, Microsoft is also expected to announce the Surface Laptop Go 2 in the next two months.

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