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Top Executives of Microsoft and Facebook unwanted in Russia

It seems like an uneasy rebellious response: The Russian government has declared a high-ranking Microsoft executive and Meta/Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg undesirable – along with several politicians and journalists. On the Microsoft side, it’s Ryan Roslansky, head of its social media subsidiary LinkedIn.

The Moscow regime accuses him of supporting an anti-Russian agenda and has banned him from entering Russia. However, what specifically led to him being on the list and several other high-ranking tech executives not is unclear. However, it is very likely that the case will be a rather arbitrary decision. Russia is simply responding to the fact that a number of Russian oligarchs have been placed on the sanctions list of the Western states for taking direct advantage of the regime, which is currently waging a war of aggression against Ukraine.

Zuckerberg not au gratin

Mark Zuckerberg will also be banned from entering Russia in the future. Here the reasons seem clearer. Because the metagroup’s platforms have recently taken more vigorous action against the spread of false information from the Russian propaganda smithy. As a result, Moscow had already blocked access to Instagram from Internet connections in Russia.

The newest ban list There are a total of 29 people in Moscow. In addition to high-ranking American politicians and officials such as Vice President Kamala Harris or White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain, the spouses of the respective individuals can also be found on it. There are also several top executives from American companies and journalists from broadcasters such as ABC and CNN. US President Joe Biden was previously declared undesirable along with other heads of state in Moscow.