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DHL, UPS and Hermes Deliver Without Sign Amid Coronavirus


DHL and Hermes continue to guarantee parcel delivery but will make some changes to protect recipients and their employees. For example, the logistics companies do not require a receipt and call on customers to give them permission to drop off the parcels at their desired location.

In times of the corona crisis, there are numerous precautions to protect not only yourself but also others from the virus. It is not without reason that many people are currently at home. DHL has now also introduced a number of precautionary measures that the parcel delivery company wants to use to protect not only its own customers but also its employees, especially suppliers from the spread of the disease.

In a large announcement, DHL announced that it will no longer be necessary to sign a package in the near future. You no longer want to take the risk of spreading the virus over the pen or the scanner. Instead, the parcel delivery staff sign on the device as soon as the parcel has been delivered in order to maintain the traceable shipping route. If the recipient does not agree with this method, the parcel can be delivered to a station or returned to the origin.

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