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Xbox Elite Controller: Sony Responds

On the occasion of Gamescom, Sony presents its new DualSense Edge wireless controller for the PlayStation 5. Similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite gamepad, the Japanese now also offer the possibility to exchange analog sticks, using buttons on the back and adjusting the stroke of the shoulder buttons (triggers). Players can also choose from a variety of software-based options to customize the controller to their playing style.

Remapping, interchangeable stick modules, and software gimmicks

in the PlayStation blog, Sony speaks, among other things, of the reassignment of “certain key inputs” and adjustments in the sensitivity of the sticks and the so-called dead zones. The latter describes the area of ​​sticks and triggers where no input is sent to the game. Furthermore, the PS5 DualSense Edge controller is able to save different profiles and quickly switch between them. Using a dedicated Fn key it should also be possible to adjust settings without leaving the game – for example, volume, and controls.

A special feature compared to the Xbox Wireless Controller Elite Series 2 is that the DualSense Edge not only allows changing the analog embroidery caps (regular, high, and low round caps) and back buttons (semi-circular and lever back buttons), but also replacing the entire embroidery module. If the stick wears out or drift problems occur, Sony offers suitable stick modules separately as a replacement.

A pretty good idea regarding the PS5 Pro controller lifespan. The scope of delivery includes various analog stick caps and back button sets, as well as a braided USB-C cable and a suitable transport box, in which the DualSense Edge Wireless can also be charged. However, don’t expect the new PlayStation 5 gamepad anytime soon. Sony will not disclose the launch or price: “We look forward to sharing more details about the DualSense Edge wireless controller, including the timing of its release, in the coming months.”