Google Launches Duet AI Assistant For Workspace Apps

In May, Google introduced its AI assistant for workspace apps like Gmail, Drive, Slides, and Docs. Now Duet AI starts wherever Workspace is available – but the price is quite steep.

Hefty Price Tag: Duet AI costs $30 per user

Because Google has the new Duet AI paid decently: The new assistant for Google Workspace costs $30 per user – that’s just as much as Microsoft charges for a similar offer, the Copilot.

According to the company, Google Workspace users also get a lot in return. Duet does all sorts of tasks, from creating a chart from spreadsheet data to composing email replies, to creating AI images or summaries, and more.

Duet also jumps in when you’re about to complete a task. If the AI ​​recognizes what you are doing, it can offer to take over the task.

“Since launch, thousands of organizations and more than a million trusted testers have leveraged Duet AI as a powerful collaboration partner that can act as a coach, inspiration source, and productivity enhancer – while ensuring that every user and organization is in control of their data has,” announces Google manager Aparna Pappu in the Workspace blog.

With Duet AI, users should focus on what really matters, while the AI ​​takes care of the rest.

Available anywhere Workspace can be used

Now, Duet AI is available to anyone who pays for Google’s Workspace apps. If you want to be there and are already a Workspace user, you can register for access on a Google page. A test is possible there free of charge.

Google wants to start even cheaper subscriptions for Duet in the future so that smaller companies and sole proprietors can also afford the AI.

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