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Download mp3DirectCut – Lossless Cut MP3


By downloading mp3DirectCut for free, you can cut and edit MP3 files with no additional conversion and no loss of sound quality. Especially when cutting larger files you can save a lot of time with mp3DirectCut 2.36. The tool can also record the audio signal from any source.

An audio file in mp3DirectCut

mp3 DirectCut download and install

mp3DirectCut supports all Windows versions (32-bit/64-bit) and, according to the developer, can also run smoothly on Linux with Wine. The installation only takes place via a self-extracting archive. The required data can therefore also be extracted with a suitable packaging program.

Cut with mp3DirectCut without converting

Despite its small size of only about one megabyte, mp3DirectCut has some useful features for editing MP3 files quickly. The opened audio track is clearly displayed as a waveform so that certain points, such as pauses, can be quickly found. The desired area can be roughly marked with the mouse and a frame-precise correction of the marking is then possible with the buttons in the menu bar. You can then cut out the marked area and – if desired – insert it again in a different place. The “Crop” function, on the other hand, removes everything before and after the selection.

More than just cutting mp3 files

In addition, mp3DirectCut can change or normalize the volume of the opened files. The volume can also be turned on and off. If desired, mp3DirectCut also automatically recognizes pauses, whereby the length of the pauses to be recognized can be set. If you want to edit many files at the same time, you will benefit from a serial function. mp3DirectCut always saves the processed MP3 files without recoding and thus without loss. In addition to MP3 files, the tool can also handle MP2 (DVD, DVB) and AAC formats and even supports cue sheets. Metadata (ID3v1.1) can also be viewed and edited. But mp3DirectCut can not only edit existing MP3 files, but also record new ones. The sound can be recorded with any recording device available on the computer. You can choose between the ACM and Lame encoders.

Compact MP3 Editor

With mp3DirectCut you can quickly remove pauses, commercials and the like from your MP3 files without having to convert them again. Recording music is just as easy, but for more complex audio editing, Audacity, which is also free, is recommended.



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