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Draining batteries: A problem no more

draining batteries

The biggest problem we all face these days is quick draining batteries. Constant usage of cellular devices leads to quick drainage of batteries. This then renders the phone overall performance at an all point low impacting the overall life of the device. However, current times and constant communication does need our cellular devices to be active 24/7. These are some ways to counter constant draining batteries and increase the life of your cellular device in use. I’ve personally implemented some of these on my Galaxy S6 Edge and have found a vast improvement in battery life.

Close background apps

A lot of times we let our apps keep on running in the background which impacts the battery life. The applications that you do open on your phone aren’t properly closed leading to more CPU power usage. This means that they eat up all the power. You can close your background apps by clearing the cache. Press the home button of your Android device to close every app in the background. It will ensure that your batteries do not drain that quickly.

Low down device light

Brightness on your phones is a quick battery draining method. Adjusted brightness level on your phone consumes a lot of energy. You can switch your brightness to auto level which then adjusts to the brightness of the surrounding. The mode that is responsible for draining batteries is then countered with effective methods of saving energy.

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Put on smart stay

Most Android devices have the option of smart stay which makes sure that your phone is not activated unnecessarily. Smart stay will keep the screen active as long as you are using it. Other than that it will keep your device shut off.

Quit checking your phone because it is draining batteries

One way we constantly drain our device battery is by checking it. We have a habit of checking our phones unnecessarily which keeps the device active. Active devices of no use then in turn drain batteries. Do not check your phone much otherwise your device will drain faster.

Device Lag

Some apps use a lot of battery by running in the background. Device lag is caused by these because of their major CPU usage. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook consume a lot of battery and are responsible for phone lag. Be sure to keep these apps at minimum usage to ensure that your battery lasts longer.

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Don’t plug it in too much

The mistake that people make in charging their phones is that they put it on charge too much. Be sure to let your battery die to at least 20 percent before you put it on charge. This way the overall life of your battery will be far longer. If you keep on plugging your phone on charge over and over again, the battery life will be impacted.

Plug and Use=NO

If you use your phone while it is plugged in on charging then it will impact the overall battery life of your phone. Never ever use your phone while it is on charge. Also, fast charging chargers are not very good for the overall battery life of your phone. In the long run the batteries of your phone will be impacted so be sure to charge it through the charger provided and never use it while it is plugged in. It is also hazardous to use your phone while it is plugged in and many tech experts advise against it. Third party chargers are also responsible for deteriorating the state of your battery in the device.

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Turn wi-fi off

Wi-fi can consume a lot of power so if you’re not using your internet then be sure to turn it off. This will save your battery life a lot. Constant data and wifi usage is responsible for battery drainage. If you only use it when necessary then it will save a lot of battery power in your device.

Keep a power bank

This will help you counter power failures when there is no charging plug in sight. You can buy a power bank which will help in charging the phone if you are under circumstances where you cannot immediately charge your phone.

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These are some of the tips and tricks that will help extend your battery life. They are also effective in making sure that your charged battery lasts longer.

Image via Techno Bezz