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How to charge your smartphone battery faster?

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One of the most common questions asked on the internet is how to get the maximum out of your smartphone battery? We’re living in times where it is necessary to be in touch with people 24/7

Smartphone battery end up being drained pretty quickly. The more apps you run the more quickly the battery drains which is a nuisance. Here are a couple of methods which work well enough to preserve iPhone and Android smartphone battery.

Firstly, use a very good quality charger. A powerful charger makes a big impact in charging all your electronic devices quickly. I personally used a Samsung tablet charger, which I used to charge my phone and tablet with. It cuts down the amount of time the devices are plugged into charge.

For example, for my Galaxy S6 the amount it takes to charge from my regular provided charger is 3 hours. But with the Samsung tablet charger the time is divided into half which is quiet a big difference. Amazon 9W powerfast kindle charger is awesome at the job of fast charging as well. The biggest misconception is that using another charger has negative impacts on the battery life of the electronic device. Sorry, but that is not the case. The modern charging circuit controlling the batteries is very good unless you’re using Samsung galaxy S7.

A regular smartphone battery will take 3 hours to charge

Switching your phone to airplane mode charges faster. This has been seen in comparison to charging the phone on normal mode. The science behind it is that the phone is not burning the battery as it would in normal mode as compared to being charged in the airplane mode. Phones actually charge twice as fast on airplane mode.

Put your phone in a cold place while charging. If your phone has a thick rubber case then charging would be slow. In fact, batteries charge slower when they are warm or the warmer they get. A phone charged in cold conditions would charge faster. This is one way to get most out of your smartphone battery.

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We’re all cellphonoholics. However, it would help in faster charging if you can leave your phone alone. Do not check your phone every few minutes. It is necessary not to check phone every minute because the activated display or wi-fi use can consume a lot of power.

A small portable battery pack is very handy. Anker PowerCore mini is able to charge an iPhone 6S in 2 hours. It is mini and small enough to put in a pocket, but keep in mind the cable as well.

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