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DXOMark Score Of iPhone 12 Mini Is Here

DXOMark-iPhone 12 Mini

The well-known imaging testing organization DXOMark recently announced the camera evaluation data of the Apple iPhone 12 mini. Its final score was 122 points, ranking 14th. It can be described as “small but strong, but with shortcomings“. Although the size of the iPhone 12 mini is the smallest in the entire series, it is basically close to the performance of the standard version.

DXOMark announces iPhone 12 mini test

DXOMark test summary: iPhone 12 mini is very similar to other products in the iPhone 12 series we have tested. Like the iPhone 12, it also ranks outside of 10 in our rankings (currently ranked 3rd in the iPhone, 14th overall), and it is reasonable for top flagship products that are lower than some other brands.

The dynamic range of the Apple iPhone 12 mini is not particularly wide. Under most test conditions, there will be overexposure. Sometimes there will be a blue white balance color shift, and there will be visible noise in low light and indoor conditions; in addition, it is similar to the iPhone Similar to the 12, the iPhone 12 mini does not have a dedicated zoom lens, and the performance of shooting distant targets is not ideal.

In terms of video, the iPhone 12 mini performs better, with accurate target exposure and wide dynamic range, excellent anti-shake and focusing performance; the downside is that white balance blue color casts occasionally occur when shooting outdoors and insufficient light. When you can see the noise, there will be loss of details. In addition, the sharpness difference between consecutive frames is also obvious, and the auto focus is sometimes unstable outdoors, and artifacts such as flare and color quantization appear.

Since the camera system of the iPhone 12 mini is the same as that of the iPhone 12, their scores are almost the same in the DXOMark test, with the same overall scores, photo, zoom, and video scores. The differences in most other attributes are also small and can be explained by sample differences. But in terms of focus, the gap between iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 is very obvious, especially when recording video, the focus of iPhone 12 mini is not as accurate as iPhone 12.

In general, the camera performance of the iPhone 12 mini is still very good. If you want to have a small camera phone, the iPhone 12 mini is a good choice; but for camera enthusiasts, the iPhone 12 mini is not suitable because It does not have a telephoto lens.

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