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Edhi Foundation and Coca Cola giving to the needy this Ramazan

Edhi Foundation

Pakistan’s prominent compassionate and social welfare administrations association, the Edhi Foundation is anticipating a bigger than any other time previously, support for its conventional Ramazan gathering fundraising. This is the Edhi Foundation’s first Ramazan without the prominent authority of its creator, Abdul Sattar Edhi.

For this reason, the Foundation is banding together with Coca-Cola Pakistan in a multi-faceted fundraising support campaign entitled “Bottle of Change” that Coca-Cola will devise and execute the nation over.

A key element of the campaign will be that Coca-Cola will double all gifts/donations gotten amid the campaign. This will be aside its spending an extensive entirety on a multi-dimensional exposure campaign for this extraordinary compassionate organization.

The principle message of the campaign, engaging and open awareness will just be that Edhi Sahab’s legacy and mission must go ahead. While the general population of Pakistan have constantly upheld Edhi Foundation consistently, the blessed month of Ramazan has customarily been the time when donations has achieved a pinnacle, and gifts to the Foundation, both zakat and non-zakat, have gotten enormous boost.

Talking about the association with Coca-Cola, Faisal Edhi, the son of Abdul Sattar Edhi and the present leader of the Foundation expressed that Coca-Cola’s tremendous ability and involvement in making an immense contribution for any cause will significantly help the Foundation in its Ramazan fundraising drive.

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He likewise communicated thankfulness for Coca-Cola’s few interventions for other great aims, joining forces with trustworthy non-benefit associations, as with The Citizens Foundation for training, WWF-Pakistan for ecological preservation and Kashf Foundation for women empowerment.

Edhi Foundation is involved in many social services in Pakistan

Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan and Afghanistan commented that the Company has most profound regard for the exceptional philanthropic work that the Edhi Foundation has done in the course of recent decades.

He additionally expressed that the Ramazan fundraising campaign for Edhi Foundation is absolutely charitable and has no business edge at all, and the gathering confirmed that it is not the slightest bit related to product purchase.

“We believe it is the social responsibility of all responsible companies to use their resources and expertise to meaningfully support reputable non-profit organizations like the Edhi Foundation in their social welfare outreach.

Our donations will match to a limit of Rs. 25million, while spending a handsome amount on innovative awareness campaign throughout the country,” he concluded.

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Edhi Foundation has already dependably been getting corporate support as far as gifts in cash and kind, similar to ambulances. Presently the Coca-Cola and Edhi Foundation organization for Ramazan gathering donation is going a noteworthy above and beyond, straightforwardly including the nationals and exponentially raising the level of support being given to the Foundation.

The organization was established with RS.5000

Other than operating the world’s biggest ambulance service, Edhi Foundation does an unparalleled range of social work which incorporates shelters, mobile dispensaries, hospitals, a diabetic centre and homes for the homeless, the impaired and ladies and the elderly rejected by their families.

The Foundation also provides several free of cost services like rehabilitation of drug addicts, tracing of missing people, arranging marriages for helpless girls and boys. It also provided food, clothing and shelter to the homeless. In the realm of education it provides technical education to the needy, religious education to children, consultancy on family planning and maternity services. The organization is also involved in providing free blood and plasma to disadvantaged people, providing shelter, food, and caring to mentally retarded people, and carrying out relief and rehabilitation work at times of accidents and natural disasters both within the country and abroad.

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