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Uber Intimidated Engineer In Self Driving Trade Secrets case

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Uber has reportedly threatened to sack an engineer in a case with Waymo a self-driving car unit a Google’s subsidiary company.

Uber was taken to the court for stealing high profile documents from Waymo self-driving car unit. The case is still in the court, but it is revealed that Uber has threatened to fire its engineer if he doesn’t comply with court proceedings and return the downloaded documents.

According to Reuters, Waymo sued the company Uber Technologies putting allegations on the company that former Waymo executive Anthony Levandowski downloaded over 14,000 confidential documents before leaving Waymo, after that he joined Uber.

Uber took strong action against this humiliation and send a strong message to its employee Levandowski to comply with the orders and return the documents back to the court or face immediate termination, Lawyers said in a court filing on Thursday.

Uber needs to be very strong in corporate policy in order to regain is social credibility among masses, so many subsequent cases and allegations on Uber is damaging their overall image, this development is welcomed by many people.


image via: reuters

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